9th European Laryngological
Live Surgery Broadcast

20th November 2024 | 9.00 - 16.00 CET (GMT+1)

Dear All,

Hello and welcome. We hope this letter finds you fit and healthy.

We confirm the organization of the broadcast next year.

We wish to invite you for a day of different laryngological surgeries including laryngeal cancer, benign pathology of the larynx, neck dissection, phonosurgery and others.

Many European laryngological departments, about 20 operations, comments from the moderators, disscusion and questions from the viewers - all will be available during the broadcast.

No cost - free of charge.

We invite you to follow our website and new communications.

We look forward to seeing you in November 2024.

Please find a list of 78 countries which attended the last broadcast in 2023:
Poland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Philippines, United States, Russia, Malaysia, Spain, Indonesia, Portugal, Belgium, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Czechia, Hong Kong, India, Lithuania, Slovenia, Netherlands, Turkiye, Japan, Switzerland, Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Mexico, Serbia, Thailand, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Vietnam, China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Morocco, South Korea, Ukraine, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Ghana, Hungary, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malta, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Senegal, Slovakia, Taiwan, Venezuela, Yemen

First time we were in: Taiwan, Senegal, Ghana and Etiopia.

Here is a map of the world which depicts from which countries the viewers have observed the broadcasts in 2015-2023. During all these years we have been in 136 countries.

  • from light blue to dark blue - different colors according to the amount of viewers
  • white - no viewers